fire2Kitchen Fire Suppression

Another valuable fire fighting tool is the kitchen fire suppression system. These systems are designed to work manually as well as automatically to extinguish a fire in a commercial kitchen or restaurant situation. These systems must be serviced twice a year in the state of Florida.

Businesses of Polk County have long relied on All American Fire & Safety Inc when it comes to kitchen fire suppression system inspections, installation and service.

If you need reliable, fast & friendly services on your kitchen or paint booth, choose All American Fire & Safety, Inc. Give us a call at 863-859-7400 or contact us online.


Fire Suppression Systems
  • Fire Suppression and Restaurant Systems Sales and Installation
  • Paint Booth Systems
  • Semi Annual Maintenance and Inspections
  • 24 Hour Emergency Recharging and Service
  • Upgrades and Coverage for Appliance Lineup Changes
  • Removal and Disarming for Demolition

All American Fire and Safety
We offer Fire Extinguisher, Emergency/Exit Lighting, Kitchen Fire Suppression and Paint Booth Fire Suppression — Sales, Service, Installation & Inspection. We also provide co2 refills for bars & restaurants.
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